Who We Are

We are Fotolanthropy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to producing and distributing documentaries that celebrate the hope of those who have defied great odds.

We have produced 17 short films and two award-winning documentaries, Travis: A Soldier’s Story and The Luckiest Man. Our first documentary, Travis: A Soldier’s Story gathered people across the country and received a standing ovation at every screening. We were invited to screen the film at the U.S. Capitol for our nation's leaders, and the film was also endorsed and screened by actor and veterans advocate, Gary Sinise. The film received national media coverage and launched SSG Travis Mills' motivational speaking career. It also inspired The New York Times Bestseller, Tough As They Come. The film has been seen by millions via iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. 

We have a dedicated following of viewers who are passionate about our films. And, we often hear that our supporters find fresh perspective for their own lives after viewing our inspirational, true stories. 

Our long-term vision for 7 Yards is to continue the movement of bringing positive content to more of the world. We are committed to this film, just as Chris has committed to his rehab and training these past seven years. We want to celebrate this extraordinary young man’s life, and gather crowds across the country to participate in not just a screening, but rather an impactful and unforgettable viewing experience.

What People Are Saying...

Travis: A Soldier's Story Reviews

I'm going to encourage all of you to watch the documentary about Travis's unbelievable life, just released on Netflix. Bias aside, this documentary is shockingly good, profoundly inspirational, and really important to see. I won't say it's mandatory, because I know how annoying it is to be told what to do. But if I were King of the World, I'd make every network run this film 24/7 until everyone in the country had seen it. Give it a look, and then watch the movie. You can thank me later.

- Mike Rowe

It’s been an honor to watch GSF Ambassador, SSG Travis Mills motivate countless lives by sharing his story, to include mine. I’m excited to share the news that his documentary, Travis: A Soldier’s Story is now available on Netflix. This documentary shows the sacrifice and heroism of one of our nations heroes and his devoted family. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

- Gary Sinise

The Luckiest Man Reviews

Rarely in life do you find such wisdom is such a condensed format. This film is a brilliant look at a man who seemingly lost it all only to find out that he was really missing everything all along. Once John was "sentenced" to a life of ALS, he started to truly experience freedom through a new perspective. You will simultaneously cry and laugh and want to hug everyone in your life that you love. Do yourself a favor and watch this film at least once a year for a real perspective on what we are doing with our lives. It is beautifully produced, thoughtfully written and will have you questioning what you have been doing all along.

- IMDB User Review

Very rarely do you see a film documentary that so captures the will and determination of one man and his battle. With excellent stories woven throughout, stunning cinematography, and a desire to learn even more about ALS, this film captures the hearts of it viewers right from the very beginning. Not only do you see a man who is giving glory to God in his journey, but you see an entire family who has been led by this amazing father and husband! You will see the struggles of ALS in one man, but you will see even more the victory of what it means to be a family in difficult times. This is a great watch for your entire family, don't miss this one!

- IMDB User Review

A Father's Love Reviews

This story is such a moving one. I think I speak for every one of us when we express how beautiful and pure this fathers love was. The parting gift he gave them was truly amazing. To witness this through amazing photography was a blessing. May we all be so lucky to a “Fred” in our own lives.

- Rita