Des Moines Register Shares the News - 7 YARDS is Here!

Des Moines Register

“That’s definitely the most rewarding part of this film for me, is to show people how important being a friend, a loved one is,” he said. “Hopefully this film encourages people to say, ‘I want to be a mom like that,’ or a dad like that, a sibling, a friend like they were to Chris.”

Norton said he believes the documentary's message of support and hope will resonate well in 2021.

“To be releasing a film like this at a time like this, when you look at the last 365 days — it’s been a difficult ride for so many people,” he said. “So many people are stuck at home and are looking for something to uplift them. So to now have this film come out? That’s God’s timing, that’s incredible timing. It all makes sense that this film is coming out now, to really make an impact and a difference in someone’s life.”

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