Chris Norton at Northwest Bible Church

Chris Norton at Northwest Bible Church

There is power in community. Where people are gathered, big things can happen. On February 18, 2018, Chris Norton shared his story with the congregation of Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, TX. Senior pastor, Neil Tomba, led his members through a passage in Hebrews about walking by faith. Pastor Neil connected that story in the Bible to the real life story of Chris and welcomed the congregation into Chris’ story by screening an exclusive 7 Yards trailer.

After the trailer, Neil invited Chris to the stage. Chris shared his story of faith by retelling the series of events he encountered over the years that have brought him to where he is now, both mentally and physically. He recalled, "I went from an independent and strong athlete to dependent and motionless.”

Chris’ story communicated strength through adversity and trials. Chris spoke about his identity, and preached the powerful truths he held onto during that season of desperate dependence on God.

“The desperate dependence on God gave me a glimmer of hope, and I saw a glimpse of faith.” 


This day was especially meaningful because Northwest Bible Church announced their decision to partner with Fotolanthropy's 7 Yards and support its production. It was special to have Chris there not only to share his story, but also invite the congregation into his narrative and into the process of making this film.

Neil prayed over the film, over Chris, and for his upcoming marriage with fiancé, Emily Summers. In this moment, the church crowd rallied behind Chris Norton and the 7 Yards film. One by one, as Neil closed the service and thanked Chris for sharing, the congregation stood up - hands clapping, encouraging Chris and the 7 Yards team on their inspiring journey ahead.

Chris Norton at Northwest Bible Church

This is what community is about: sharing your story, having people come alongside you, and being supported. From the team at Fotolanthropy to everyone at Northwest Bible, we thank you.


You can watch Chris and Pastor Neil's powerful exchange from the service here: