Chris and Emily's Story Shared on 20+ Podcasts!

Chris and Emily Norton's story is hitting the ears of millions through powerful podcast interviews. We will continue to add to this list as more episodes are released so you can follow their journey and dive even deeper into their beautiful story!

Chris and Emily on Podcasts

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

CNLP 276: Chris Norton on beating the odds in life and leadership, walking again after being completely paralyzed and the lessons that flow from it

Reframing Ministries with Colleen Swindoll

Football, Phantoms, Fractures, and Faith

Linch with a Leader

Episode 52: Chris Norton

Sports Spectrum

Chris Norton, Author 'The Seven Longest Yards'

Connect'd Podcast

#55 Chris Norton: Resiliency in the face of adversity


Episode 47: Chris & Emily Norton

The Adoption Connection

#45: One Family’s Story of Perseverance with Emily Norton

Dig Deep: Sports, Faith, Life

Episode 24: The Power to Stand with Chris Norton

Extraordinary Moms Podcast

Episode 28: Walking with Faith with Emily Norton

Do it Scared with Ruth Soukup

EP 65: Taking action and pushing past insecurities with Chris & Emily Norton

Real Mom podcast

Emily: On focusing on the call + getting help + learning to love and surrender

The Chad Prather Show, The Blaze

Ep 62: Love has no limits, guests Chris and Emily Norton | The Chad Prather Show

Chewing the Fat, The Blaze

Ep 115 | The American Dream - Chris & Emily Norton Are Living Theirs...

Controlled Chaos Podcast

Episode 0073 Student Leadership Week 4, Marko, Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA and Chris and Emily Norton from The Seven Longest Yards Youth Ministry Junior High Chaos Nation

Nothing is Wasted

Episode 65 - Chris and Emily Norton pt. 1

Episode 66 - Chris and Emily Norton pt. 2

John O'Leary's Live Inspired

EP. 43 Chris Norton

Happiness in Progress

#80 Emily Norton, Depression When Life is Good

Dr. Greg Wells Podcast

#41. Chris Norton on the Seven Longest Yards

Lighthouse Faith with Lauren Green

Chris & Emily Norton: Tragedy Transformed into Triumph