Behind the Scenes with the Norton Family

It’s one thing to experience the unimaginable tragedy of your son experiencing a severe spinal cord injury, it’s another to have to relive that day and those moments. Let’s all send a round of applause to the Norton family, who are bravely sharing and re-enacting scenes from their story so that others can find hope.


“I hope that people can take away that on your worst day, there is still hope. You can’t just get caught up in the circumstance. You have to look out into the future and know that things are going to get better but you just have to hang in there.”

- Deb Norton


Behind the Scenes - Norton Family

Behind the Scenes - Norton Family

Behind the Scenes - Norton Family

Behind the Scenes - Norton Family

7 Yards Film Facts

  • Chris Norton suited up for the football scenes and we were able to achieve film scenes with a body double.
  • The Norton’s were present for the filming of the re-enactment and “re-enacted” running down to the field to see Chris.
  • The paramedic that volunteered to come film was actually the real paramedic that was on site with Chris on the day of his injury.
  • Central College donated their uniforms for this re-enactment scene and was incredibly supportive of this documentary.
  • Luther's head football coach played the real injury footage 4 times for the football scene before filming.

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Katie Norris Producer

7 Yards Synopsis: A documentary that will inspire you to overcome. After a life-altering tackle on the college football field, Chris Norton was told he would never walk again. Through grit and discipline, he retrained his body and spirit, and is currently preparing to walk the most important yardage of his life: seven yards down the aisle with his bride.