Behind the Scenes - Pee Wee Football Game

This week we had a blast filming the 7 Yards Pee Wee Game reenactment! Our incredible Executive Producers Ben and Candace Randolph put together this great scene. At Fotolanthropy, we want to invite people into the experience of producing these powerful stories of hope and we enjoyed working with this incredible group. Chris was able to share an inspirational message to the extras and work alongside the film crew to bring a story from his early football days. 

Thank you to our Good Friday gala attendees who bid and won “Actor for a day” spots for Chris Norton’s Warrior team players, cheerleader and super fans! His story of hope will be told to the world and you have played a part in making that possible! We appreciate you!

We would also like to especially thank our "young Chris" Gavin Tracer. He did a fantastic job and we all feel he has a future in film. 

"This was by far the most amazing, inspirational experience for not only Brandon and I but especially our kiddos. We cannot wait for the Premier and to celebrate with you guys! Thank you so much for including our family today!"
- Yolanda Klein
"The Chris Norton Story! Today we were part of the filming for this movie. I can’t wait to see it all come together!! Coolest experience!!"
- Melissa Pratt
"Coolest experience ever! So blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of #7yardsfilm by #fotolanthropy! Gavins acting debut playing Chris as a child!"
- Kristen Tracer

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