Behind the Scenes: Clip 1 & 2

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes Series for 7 Yards by Fotolanthropy! A signature trademark of Fotolanthropy films is that we ask the subject to re-enact the day that changed their lives forever and to include as many of the real people from that day as possible. In 2012, we began this tradition by asking SSG Travis Mills to re-enact the day he was hit by an IED bomb. We know this is a lot to ask of the subjects, but we have witnessed the power of story when it is told authentically and vulnerably so that the viewer can truly understand the full journey. In Chris Norton's case, this was the day that he suffered a severe spinal cord injury from a football tackle.

In anticipation for the release of the official trailer, we wanted to share clips from our film trip to Decorah, Iowa where we gathered hundreds of extras, the Luther and Central college football teams, cheerleaders and paramedics to recreate the football game that took place on October 11, 2010.

We are grateful for everyone that came out to support filming on this day and for the trust they had in our team. Check out our first clips of the series, including the response from Chris's parents, Terry and Deb Norton.

7 Yards Film Facts

  • Chris Norton suited up for the football scenes and we were able to achieve film scenes with a body double. 
  • True Friendship: Chris's best friends that he played football with at Luther suited up and were by his side throughout filming.
  • The paramedic that volunteered to come film was actually the real paramedic that was on site with Chris on the day of his injury.
  • Central Collage donated their uniforms for this re-enactment scene and were incredibly supportive of this documentary.
  • Luther's head football coach played the real injury footage 4 times for the football scene before filming.

Clip 1:  Producer, Katie Norris, describes the mood on set during the filming of the re-enactment of the football injury that changed Chris Norton's life forever.



Clip 2: Chris's parents, Terry and Deb Norton describe what it was like to relive the day that changed their family's life forever.


Stay tuned this week to hear thoughts from Chris Norton and Emily Summers on set of 7 Yards about re-enacting the football game that changed Chris's life forever. 

7 Yards Synopsis: A documentary that will inspire you to overcome. After a life-altering tackle on the college football field, Chris Norton was told he would never walk again. Through grit and discipline, he retrained his body and spirit, and is currently preparing to walk the most important yardage of his life: seven yards down the aisle with his bride.