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Reviews are pouring in!

"I came 7 YARDS yesterday on Netflix & I am still AWESTRUCK. It was one of those right messages at the right time moments but it was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely beautiful. God bless you all on the team & all the work put forth to create the documentary!"
- Sefora Trif

"I watched your inspiring story last night on Netflix. I was aware of your story prior to the film being release. Hearing your own voice tell your story and to visually see the re-enactments brought so many emotions. It gave me chills, it made me cry, it made me believe in love again and to know nothing is impossible. After watching your film I fell I have a renewed hope and inspiration to keep fighting on my own journey to recovery. Thank you, Chris."
- @lynnwyand

"Just finished watching 7 YARDS on Netflix. To say we were moved by Chris’ story of determination, courage and perseverance is an understatement. My husband, who never cries watching a movie, cried right along with me."
- Karen Garmaise

"Just watched 7 YARDS - truly THE MOST inspiring, jaw dropping, beautiful, and heartwarming story I HAVE ever seen. Thank you for sharing. I will not sleep tonight thinking about what I have had the honour to view this evening. Blessings, hugs, and prayers from Canada xoxo"
- Sheila Gill

"Most inspirational, touching, feel good movie!"
- @tennille.adele.t

"If you want to cry but feel more inspired than ever, watch this documentary."
- @kaitlyn_harrigan

"Everyone go watch 7 YARDS right now on Netflix. I never cry at movies/documentaries but this is the most inspiring story ever."
- @liz_lutt

"Pretty much cried the entire time - 10/10 recommend!"
- @itsmeeeeehilaryyyy

"This documentary on Netflix is a 100% must watch! This story is so inspiring and pulls at your heart strings"
- @livewellxshel

"I haven't been this touched by a story in a while. The determination and faith this man possesses is truly incredible. I'm convinced that Chris and his beautiful wife are angels here on this earth. If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, please go check this documentary out... and make sure you have lots of Kleenex!!"
- @carron.hakim

"Shoutout to my wife for making me watch this. Midnight, ready to run through a brick wall. Wild story."
- @tonytrap

"Yes! Go watch this! It is the feel-good flick of the year!!!"
- Tom Dean

"It’s next on my watch list. In fact priority on my watch list... The Crown can go on the back burner for now."
- Devika Chandra

"This is an epic step for awareness of what people can do in the face of trauma."
- @beachtraxsd

"WELL DONE Chris!!!... You two both are an absolute inspiration! For what you went through on your personal journey of recovery... and the graceful person Emily had to be- to be the right woman to become the other half of you. The company and crew that filmed your story did an outstanding job, it has flow, story, meaning, and heart! I will keep this on my favorites Netflix list, and I did mark it for like."
- @livebetter_with_tomgerow

"I just watched it and it brought me to tears several times throughout. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for giving us a glimpse on what it takes to rise above what life throws at us. You are a beautiful soul and the world needs to see more uplifting documentaries like yours. My heart is full! You and your beautiful wife are angels on earth. You have a beautiful family!!! You managed to turn pain into wisdom and I am so grateful that stories like yours are being told. Blessed is the world with you in it."
- @alma____carrie

"I just saw your doc on Netflix. I'm probably 15 years older than you and I want you to know that you have inspired me in a way that I'll never be able to explain to you and you'd probably never understand. You and your wife and all your children have had a profound affect on me. Thank you."
- @rangefinderpictures1

"As a nursing student, I love seeing stories of encouragement like this!!! I cried throughout your entire documentary and I want to applaud your family and friends ESPECIALLY you for never giving up!"
- @silene3

"Best documentary I’ve ever seen. Your optimism and the courage you showed for not only yourself but your family is and was nothing but inspiring. You my friend, are a rare but important breed of human."
- @dan_cable2020

"I loved 7 YARDS You have not only done amazing things but you have been surrounded by amazing people! I cried tears of heartache and tears of joy for you while watching this. I already knew the story but it was so emotional. I’m so happy for you and your wife and family. Keep shining friend. You are an inspiration 👏❤️ ⭐️"
- @lorrie2020

"Such an incredible and inspiring story 🙏🏼 what you and @emilysummersnorton have done with your recovery, goals, and family is far beyond what I can imagine handling and with such grace and love. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen! Y’all are rockstars!"
- @jlayday_

"Just watched your film and I cried multiple times. I’m an outpatient physical therapist and your story inspires me to be even better for my patients. God bless"
- @jspad18

"@chrisanorton16 I just watched your documentary today and it completely changed my day!!! I am already spreading it to the world cause I think everybody needs to have the chance to change their day and their perspective of life, the same way it happened to me today! Thanks for your inspiration!!! ❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌"
- @charisanovaes

"@chrisanorton16 I am still crying at how much your story has moved me and shook me to the core ..i suffer with severe depression and a whole boat load of issues....you are truly an inspiration that nothing in life can hold u down...and truly beat the odds...staying positive is not my strong suit ....you gave me the kick I needed to believe in myself..have faith in God and never give up.. thank you truly from the bottom of my heart... this movie and your story was truly a gift ... I know I have a tough road ahead but I will never stop fighting...God bless...and much love 💘"
- @posh.livin

"I shared it with everyone I know!! Such an inspiration, it really helped me going through my own personal health issues. Thank you so much for sharing your story. 🙏🏼"
- @ayurvedicherbalwellness

"My mom recently passed and this documentary helped with a lot. You’re truly an inspiration ❤️"
- @baller_drew4

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