2018 Year in Review

7 Yards Top Moments

As our team sprints into 2019, we could not help but reflect on 2018 and the incredible things that happened for 7 Yards. In 2018, we saw people from across the country come together to be a part of this documentary. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to put every dollar raised towards production and also accomplish these pretty incredible milestones.

1. We crowdfunded. The Fotolanthropy 7 Yards film team launched the “Ultimate Wedding Gift” campaign to celebrate Chris and Emily and help raise funds to cover some of their wedding and film expenses.

Gala | 7 Yards Blog

2. We threw a gala. Executive Producers Ben and Candace Randolph organized a Good Friday Gala to raise funds for the 7 Yards film team to travel, film and photograph the epic wedding and 7 Yards walk. Our dear friend and Fotolanthropy film recipient SSG Travis Mills was the keynote speaker at the gala event.

Award | 7 Yards Blog

3. We won an award! Our producer, Katie Norris, was honored with the “World Changer Award” presented by Baylor University President Linda Livingstone.

Nathan | 7 Yards Blog

4. We recruited more of the best talent. Nathan Johnson of renowned floral and event design company GRO Designs joined us at the wedding to create a dream-come-true weddingscape for Chris and Emily’s ceremony and reception.

Chris achieves his goal | 7 Yards Blog

5. Chris achieved his goal! What a beautiful, poignant moment we got to witness and capture as Chris walked seven yards down the wedding aisle with his new bride during their April 2018 wedding.

6. The walk went viral! Photos and video of the wedding walk were released exclusively by People magazine and then we watched the walk touch the world as it was shared on virtually every major media platform. Millions and millions saw and were moved by Chris’ strength and discipline.

Dallas filming | 7 Yards Blog

7. We filmed in Dallas. We spent a week in Dallas with Chris and his best friends who supported him following his injury. We conducted interviews and filmed multiple scenes, including a float trip down a river and a pee wee football game!

Virgil | 7 Yards Blog

8. We signed with Virgil Films. Fotolanthropy partnered with acclaimed agency Virgil Films to pursue distribution for 7 Yards.

Mayo Clinic | 7 Yards Blog

9. We filmed at the Mayo Clinic. Our crew traveled to Rochester, Minnesota, to film some of the most powerful 7 Yards interviews with Chris' doctor and physical therapist at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

Book Deal | 7 Yards Blog

10. Chris and Emily got a book deal! The couple announced that they will be sharing more of their story and journey in a new book to be released in July 2019. It will be titled The Seven Longest Yards.

Iowa Scene | 7 Yards Blog

11. We went to Iowa. Our crew also traveled to Iowa to film crucial hospital reenactment scenes. It was an intense week filled with hospital scenes to bring the first month of Chris' stay at the hospital come to life.

Tackle | 7 Yards Blog

12. We talked about the tackle. We had the incredible opportunity to meet and interview the young man who was also involved with the tackle that changed Chris’ life.

Will Smith | 7 Yards Blog

13. Will Smith and Tim Tebow shared the walk! The wedding walk continues to impact all who see it, and we’re so grateful that celebrities like Will Smith and Tim Tebow have shared footage of Chris & Emily.

Whittley Adopted | 7 Yards Blog

14. And, this year, Chris and Emily announced that they have adopted Whittley, one of their foster children. The Nortons are long standing supporters of foster care and adoption and they recently made Whittley an official part of their family. Way to go Norton family!

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