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Reviews are pouring in!

"No matter their circumstance especially in these very partisan and divided times, it’s a hell of a story."
- Michael Smerconish, CNN

"Looking for an uplifting movie? 7 YARDS is worth watching."
- Star Telegram

"The world can seem dark and negative; we want to be that light in the world to show that life is awesome and don't give up on life - just lean on God, persevere, work hard and love on others."
- Chris Norton, PeopleTV

"[Chris'] love story has been turned into a documentary film, 7 YARDS, guiding others to discover blessings and higher meanings in life’s hardships without losing hope.
- The Epoch Times

"As a motivational speaker and author, Norton has shared his story many times. He said he's grateful for the way the documentary illustrates the invaluable support and love he has received from friends, family and his community during his hardships."
- Des Moines Register

"Chris Norton, a true inspiration and encouragement! Please check out his incredible story... it’s one on overcoming, and is so encouraging to me."
- Tim Tebow

"So POWERFUL. My friend @chrisanorton16's story of courage and perseverance is truly awe-inspiring."
- Terry Crews

“This film embodies the type of good/hard story we need more of in this world. It’s beautifully shot and fast-paced, powerfully re-enacted and told by the actual people who lived it. Our whole family was moved to laughter, tears, and cheers!”
- Jay and Katherine Wolf

"Chris Norton is an inspiration to my life!"
- John Maxwell

"This film is incredibly powerful. A story of resilience, determination and courage! I am truly inspired by Chris' bravery and touched by the love and support of his family and wife. This documentary holds a special place in my heart."
- Hayley Raso

"It's so easy to only see obstacles...but if you want to see what's truly possible, 7 YARDS will amaze you. Moving, powerful and inspiring, Chris' story will take away your excuses and give you back hope instead."
- Carey Nieuwhof

"WOW! Beyond inspired by 7 YARDS!"
- Mark Batterson

"The Story 2021 Needed! After the year we've all had, this heartfelt documentary hit all the notes we needed to hear - resilience, community, drive, and ultimately love. I am so inspired by Chris and Emily and now have a renewed energy to face whatever else this year has in store. What a bright light in hard times!"
- IMDb Review

"Most inspiring movie of the year! A truly unbelievable story of perseverance in the face of incredible adversity!"
- IMDb Review

"If you enjoy films about tragedies connected with sports this film will move you. It has a genuine "authenticity" unfettered by the usual Hollywood "phoniness". Chris Norton's journey was courageous and brave. The movie reflects his bravery in climbing mountains to achieve various goals. The support he got from his cohorts at Luther College was awesome and moving. This very "sportsy" film deserves rich kudos!"
- William Kuhlman

"I felt like i was part of Chris' story-he told it so genuinely and sincerely. He didn't hold back and made it completely relevant to all people from all walks of life struggling with anything. I highly recommend this for all to watch. What an incredible person, and incredible family, and incredible story."
- Chris Johanns

"I was absolutely moved to tears.. MULTIPLE times (in the best way possible) by this movie. If you're in need of encouragement, inspiration or just a feel good cry this movie is for you. It will inspire you to overcome, to never give up and to have faith! Thank you to all who were involved in bringing this movie to life I can't recommend it enough."
- Angela

"Hands down the most inspirational story I have seen in a long time! What I love about this film is it is so much more than the remarkable story of a man who defies all odds to walk again. Not only does it beautifully capture Chris Norton's grit to walk, but it's also a story of family bonds, being there for a teammate and friend, finding true love, serving others, and caring for our most vulnerable. You can watch this a dozen times and walk away each time feeling filled and fueled by a different aspect of his story. We need these stories now more than ever! Thank you 7 YARDS!!"
- TresemerFam

"Absolutely loved this film. This story is exactly what our world needs right now! 5 Stars!!!!!
- Emily P White

"7 YARDS is amazing!!! Such an inspiration for all audiences! There is so much goodness woven throughout, I can’t even begin to list it all… Chris’s fortitude, the family support, the love of friends, Emily’s servant heart... truly a wonderful story and a great film! Thank you to all who shared and poured your hearts out on film. We laughed, and we cried!"
- Sara Wilson

"Sometimes, you are lucky enough to find a story that makes you a better person for having heard it. This is one such story. This young man will make you laugh, and cry, and, most importantly, believe in the astonishing power and potential of the human spirit. There may be more inspirational films out there, but I haven’t seen one."
- Patrick Vickers

"I absolutely loved the movie! I have already watched it 2 times in the past 24 hours! I totally recommend watching it! It’s so inspiring. I think it’s an amazing story. Amazing job!"
- Madilyn M.

"LOVE triumphs here...definitely worth watching."
- Stacey

"Loved this amazing story! So motivating and inspiring! Kept me captured the entire time!"
- Amazon Customer Review

Whether you are an athlete, parent, patient, caregiver or just in need of some inspiration, you'll find a connection to this uplifting story of extraordinary hope, love, faith and family. 7 YARDS is the perfect reminder for all of us right now that no matter what - just keep going."
- Lisa W

"Emily and Chris have the most beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting story. I can't get enough of this documentary. I couldn't speak more highly of it. Sincerely, very well done. You will be left laughing, in tears, and with a warm heart. This is something you don't want to miss, watch it now! You will NOT regret it."
- IMDb Review